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Fitness & Wellbeing

Do you want to fit exercise into your life?

Feel fitter and healthier, but struggle to find the time? Finding simple, yet effective exercise routines you can do at home, that can fit around your commitments – as a mum and a busy woman – can help!

Both Katie & Terri-Ann know how tough it can be to fit in ‘you time’! Having to adapt their lives and work around their children has often meant they have had to mix between gym work outs and home workouts and with the Happy Healthy Mum Plan, they are so pleased to bring you effective, yet simple to fit in exercise routines you can do at home or on the move.

Terri is a qualified fitness trainer, and for the Happy Healthy Mum Plan, she worked closely with another Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach to create an exercise plan that’s not only perfect for new mums but that can be used both at home and at the gym.

Basic to Advanced Exercises Available To Download in the Mum Hub!

Well Being

As many women juggle to balance their lives on a day to day basis, Katie & Terri-Ann knew that they had to include tips and advice on wellbeing.

Alongside great tips and advice, Katie has included a whole section on mindfulness, relaxation techniques and how to stay on track.

Enjoy new videos every month about from Katie & TerriAnn in the Official Mum Hub!

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