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Meet Katie Piper

Meet Katie Piper – A television presenter, writer and busy mum of 2 young girls from Hampshire.

Read her story below…

Our second baby was a welcome addition to our already hectic family, which consists of me, my husband, our four year old daughter and our crazy sausage dog Nana.

I was 29 when I was pregnant with my first daughter Belle and 34 when I gave birth to my second daughter Pea Pea.

Being that bit older second time around has been different. The positives have been that I’m a far less anxious mum, more confident and know what baby gadgets I do and do not need to buy this time around, even though this baby is wearing all the hand me downs! One of the biggest difficulties second time round was extreme tiredness; tending to a toddler in the day and trying to work on little sleep has been tough. You can then imagine the strain of also trying to exercise and plan healthy meals for my family.

I’ve struggled this time to get my body back to where it started; second time around everything seems to stretch a lot quicker and more willingly! With my busy life I need energy. I need to be alert and most importantly, I need to look after my mental health. In the past I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety so I didn’t want to follow some miserable ‘one soup a day’ diet that might cost me my sanity and affect my ability to be a good mum.

My goal has been to feel good in clothes, get back into my old wardrobe and use that as a guide rather than get hung up on what the scales say.

I also wanted to improve my energy levels, be able to chase the kids around the park and feel like I’m the best version of me that I can possibly be: I learnt a long time ago that comparing myself to other women isn’t a healthy place to be. I am my only competition and when I’m honest with myself about how I’m looking after my mind and my body, then I feel good.

For me this wasn’t a short term fix – it’s a lifestyle and a way to be, and stay, a Healthy, Happy Mum.

Anyone that has followed me over the past few years will know I love sharing parts of my family life on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and this often includes my exercise regime, manic weekends with the kids and all of my cooking and recipes. I love interacting with you all and sharing my methods and tips.

Since I started slowly but steadily losing my baby weight, I’ve been inundated with requests from you all to share my #healthyhappymum plan, so here it is!

Although this plan consists of what I do in my home and kitchen, I’ve taken it one step further and partnered with one of the women I’ve met. She doesn’t just inspire me, she motivates me, and helps me stay focused on those tough days when you just want to have ‘Pick and Mix’ sweets for lunch!!

I met TerriAnn through a mutual friend and was blown away by her story and journey. In many ways, I saw qualities in her that I’ve had to draw on in the last ten years of my life – determination, self motivation and a zest for life. She has gone on to help so many women lose weight and is genuinely passionate about supporting other women to feel good about themselves. Seeing that we shared the same vision, passion and goals I collaborated with Terri-Ann and we consulted with her dietitian to bring you the best plan out there on the market! OK, maybe I’m a bit biased, but you don’t have to just take my word for it! Have a look at my before and after pictures on my social media, get motivated and try it for yourself.

I’m looking forward to you coming on this journey with me and supporting you via our ‘Mum Hub’.


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