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Rebecca Mitchell

Meet Rebecca Mitchell…

I eat fairly healthily as standard, but had found for a year or so before pregnancy my natural weight had sneaked up to nearly a stone more than where I felt comfortable. I knew once I had my baby I would try to not only lose my baby weight, but try to regain my goal weight too.

I loved being pregnant and didn’t want to put pressure on myself as I knew it would become more of a chore. I wanted to focus completely on my baby and not my weight and I decided to set a mental note to not put myself under any pressure to lose weight until I was 8 weeks postpartum.

When I mentioned to people I was trialing the plan, they would say “Why are you worrying about your weight? You’ve just had a baby!” But I wanted to do it for me, for my health and more so, for my own happiness. For me, it was a case of Happy Mum = Happy Baby.

The plan has changed the way I think about food, and I’ve found that I’ve started to pick good calories and food groups that fill me up; my appetite is so much bigger since having Primrose and breastfeeding, yet I’m rarely hungry.

I’ve lost 10lb following the plan for 5 weeks. I started when Primrose was 8 weeks and she is now 13 weeks old. Wow – the time has passed so quickly! I still have a way to go but I’m happy with my steady, sustainable, and healthy healthy loss.

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