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Katie Piper

Meet Katie Piper…

Co Founder of The Healthy Happy Mum Plan.

This time round I have struggled to get my body back to where it started, my body seemed to of stretched a lot quicker and more willingly! With my busy life I need energy. I need to be alert and most importantly, I need to look after my overall health and wellbeing – I didn’t want to succumb to the pressures and follow some miserable ‘one soup a day’ diet that might cost me my sanity and affect my ability to be a good mum.

My goal has been to feel good in clothes, get back into my old wardrobe and use that as a guide rather than get hung up on what the scales say. I also wanted to improve my energy levels, be able to chase the kids around the park and feel like I’m the best version of me that I can possibly be: I learnt a long time ago that comparing myself to other women isn’t a healthy place to be. I am my only competition and when I’m honest with myself about how I’m looking after my mind and my body, then I feel good.

For me this wasn’t a short term fix – it’s a lifestyle and a way to be, and stay, a Healthy, Happy Mum.

Remember everybody is different and adaptable in different ways don’t get hung up about the way your body looks and embrace your mum bod! It is all about having confidence.

Katie Piper

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